How do I know if I need new tires ?

- If your tires over 3years from production date, for your safety change the tires
- If you have a cut that penetrate the sidewall you can't repair it, we recommend you to change the tire.
- If your tires rich to the maximum tread wear you have to change the tires (see the photo below to know the maximum tread wear).

How Often should I rotate my tires ?

- You have to rotate your tires at least every 7000KM

Can I "Mix" the types of tires on my car ?

- don’t mix sizes, (some vehicle fitted as original equipment with a different sizes between front and rear)
- For best performance you should fit all wheel position with the same type and pattern.

Should the new tires be out on the front or rear of my vehicle?

They should be in the rear.

How often should I check my tire inflation pressure?


How do I store my vehicle without removing the tires?

- If you are storing vehicle, inflation pressure should be 20psi over recommended psi. (please check with vehicle manufacturer) in passengers vehicle type.
- Vehicle should be moved every 2weeks, Mark the tire contact area with chalk to avoid confusion. (check air pressure at that time again)
- Make sure vehicle is not in direct contact with sun light or wet place and surface should be smooth like asphalt or cement is preferred.

Where do I find the proper inflation for my tires?

Usually you will see that at driver door (see photo) check with your owner’s manual for more information.

How long do original equipment tires last?

We recommend that 1year after purchasing vehicle if that tires not over 2years from tires production.

How should I check my tires for wear problems?

Is it safe to repair a flat tire?

We can’t judge that before checking tire from inside if tire not damaged from running flat , also we have to see the penetration area if it repairable or not, after that we know if it safe to repair the tire or not.