Tire Service Center


From the year 1949, date of entering Bridgestone Tires the Saudi market, our centers which specialized in tires service began to spread all over the Kingdom, giving new features to the service market of tires in the Kingdom. In fact, we are still working on the track of more spread, aiming to reach by our service to all provinces and cities of the Kingdom.

We have the pleasure to serve you through (11) center. Also ALTALAYI used to enhance continuously its centers in terms of technical aspects, for we used to modernize our devices every five years in order to maintain the quality of the provided service and go in pace with new technique of tires.

On the other hand ALTALAYI provides for its customers many special services in hospitality domain, starting with comfort and air-conditioned places for waiting which contain several recreational means, besides, possibility of reading daily newspapers and taking hot beverages. Also, you can follow your work through the work platform that available in the main centers. It is also our pleasure to provide to you package of maintenance service in our centers and those which are out beside the road in case of emergency cases and here is the details:

package of maintenance service:
* Changing tire locations every six months to obtain perfect use for tires.
* Balancing Service.
* Check services for the balance and air pressure in all our main centers.
* Filling tires with Nitrogen gas to avoid increase of air pressure due to rise of temperature.

Package of Emergency Service:
* Replacement of damaged tires with reserve ones.
* To provide aid service in case of vehicle breakdown or needing to charge the battery.
* To provide enough fuel that enables the vehicle to reach the nearest fuel station.
* Service of towing the vehicle to a specified place in case of mechanical/electrical breakdown, so that the vehicle cannot be move or drove.
* Service of hiring a car to travelers in case car accident occurs out of the subscriber's residence city, a distance of 300 kilometer (Max 300 Riyal).